Fishgen Partnership

Three-Sixty Aquaculture believes that partnership within the global aquaculture industry is vital to ensure its future and continuing success. We share a common vision with the original innovators of the YY-supermale and GMT technology, now trading through Fishgen Limited, and together we are committed to ensuring that GMT technology benefits as many people as possible. 

In partnership with Fishgen Limited, we provide the following joint solutions:

  • The supply of  YY-supermale broodstock, no matter what your production capacity.
  • For grow out farms: Monthly shipments of 5,000 to 100,000 GMT fry.
  • For farms currently producing their own fry: We can supply periodic shipments of GMT fry to supplement your own production, even at very short notice. This is a popular choice for farms switching from hormonal reversal to GMT.
  • For farms in start-up phase: We can supply sets of YY-supermale broodstock, along with GMT fry to grow-on while your broodstock grows to maturity. This fills your production gap and is a very economical solution to assist in the early stages of your business.
  • For farms in concept phase: We provide a bespoke consulting service consisting of technical design through to construction and ongoing support.