YY-supermale, GMT fry

One of our YY-supermales

We produce GMT fry and ship to farms around the globe. GMT are Genetically Male Tilapia, direct offspring of YY-supermales, supplied directly by Fishgen Ltd. Fishgen Ltd. is the pioneer research company where this unique strain of Tilapia was developed. The result of their breeding program ensures that greater than 98% of the offspring are males, with zero use of hormones.


Our GMT fry play a critical role in sustainable and ethical farming methods. They provide a natural, healthy, and cost-effective source of tilapia fry, an alternative to sex-reversed tilapia fry. Our strain of Tilapia are extremely robust, feed aggressively, with uniform growth, and can be stocked at high densities. 


Our GMT fry do not undergo any sex reversal hormone treatments. Our broodstock are genetically unique forms of Tilapia that have two Y chromosomes, resulting in only male offspring (greater than 98%), called Genetically Male Tilapia (GMT) fry. Not to be confused with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), these fish are not genetically engineered, but instead are the result of a 36-year natural selection and breeding program conducted by Swansea University.


Our YY-supermale broodstock are housed in a fully bio-secure, purpose-built, and fully insulated facility. We do not treat our broodstock with hormones or antibiotics. The system’s water chemistry is constantly monitored to maintain optimal levels that enhance the health of our broodstock and fry.

Cost Effective:

The use of GMT fry in farming can result in a growth rate to market weight significantly faster than other tilapia strains. Average results show GMT growing to 900g in 6 months when using a high-tech RAS. This not only saves you, the farmer, time and money but allows for Tilapia to be a more financially viable healthy alternative protein source for the ultimate consumer.

Our GMT Fry Facility:

Three-Sixty Aquaculture breeding pools for YY-Supermales and GMT fry

Our Breeding Pools

Our broodstock and fry are housed in a unique purpose-built temperature controlled, insulated recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) that is fully bio-secure and CEFAS registered  (CEFAS authorisation #:CW081-D-097A.) We hold over 200M³ of water, which is supplied via mains and well water. The water supply is treated, filtered, and tested, prior to introduction into our systems. We also utilise the following technologies:



  • Dusk to Dawn lighting control and intensity
  • Variable speed controlled pumps
  • O2 injection
  • Radial flow separators
  • Micro-screen drum filters
  • Pioneering weir pipe flow return, ensuring an even distribution of oxygenated and filtered water throughout each breeding pool
  • Eductors that increase mixing and flow patterns in nursery tanks at a ratio of 5:1
  • Venturi air injection
  • UV-C is used in each RAS