About Us

three-sixty aquaculture nursery

Three-Sixty Aquaculture is passionate about enhancing and developing sustainable aquaculture practices across the globe, for our and future generations to come. Together we can make an impact.

The regular consumption of fish is a part of a healthy diet especially when reared in an ethical manner. We provide a high-quality, ethical, and sustainable food source with our genetically male tilapia (GMT).

Three-Sixty Aquaculture was founded in 2014, to address the need for high quality, fast-growing, robust, ethically reared and sustainable Tilapia fry without the need for hormones.


We operate a Tilapia Hatchery using an advanced land-based fully recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) with total climate control. Filling a critical role in the Tilapia farming supply-chain, we provide grow-out farms across the globe with our fast growing, robust, all male GMT fry.

Our GMT fry, are the direct offspring of YY-supermales, a genetically unique strain of Tilapia developed over a 10 year research project by Swansea University’s off-shoot company Fishgen Ltd. GMT fry are not genetically engineered or classified as a GMO. GMT fry are naturally all male, (without the use of hormones) which under the correct conditions can grow to 900g within 6 months. This is 2-3 months faster than other Tilapia strains, increasing your farm’s profitably. 

We have partnered with Fishgen Ltd.ensuring that our genetically male tilapia fry (GMT) remain the highest quality Tilapia fry in the marketplace. We have a continuous selective breeding programme to ensure that the development of the strain is always improving.

We are based in Carmarthenshire, Wales, and arrange for domestic and international transport with all the necessary paperwork and delivery of fry to you (normally) within 24 hours of shipment. Direct flights are via Gatwick and Heathrow airports.